Conference Table DO1100

The DO1100 tables series was designed by B&O designer anders Hermansen, and it consists of the most versatile and flexible meeting and conference tables in the world. The tables are also suitable for cafeterias, as work tables, or as exclusive dining room tables.

The different tables in the DO1100 series were designed with the details in mind. The frame, columns, and base are connected by a solid, milled aluminum disk that functions as a mechanical gathering point. This flexible and strong construction is useful in any room and any situation. Also, the design of the columns makes it possible to optimize the seating options around the different tables.

In regards to the materials we use, we have not compromised, which is particularly true for the aluminum. The standard for the base, the adjusting bolts, and the disk is polished aluminum, but it is also possible to have the components powder painted, so the tables appear mono-colored. The standard for the columns is black or white and the base is made from polished aluminum.

To meet our customers’ expectations for IT and AV equipment, the DO1100 tables were developed with a construction system that makes it possible to hide cables all the way from the cable tray under the tabletop to the floor through the table column.

The cable trays are delivered in a black polished finish. They have a mechanical opening that makes it possible to open the trays to 80 degrees, and they have plenty of space for extra cables. The cable trays are mounted under cable flaps that are delivered in the same material as the tabletop or in aluminum. It is possible to order these cable flaps as single-flaps, double-flaps, or as a patented single-flap, that opens on both sides. The round tables in the DO1100 series that have one column and a perimeter between 110-160 cm can be delivered with a centrally placed cable flap and an integrated cable tray.

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